Unified Field Theory

Nano-Tokamacs. The first step to hot fusion meeting cold fusion and high energy with super-conductivity, the potential for the creation of exotic matter and artificial singularities.
Vibrating Sample Magnetometer. If bends in space-time when close to a heavy element (eg. Moscovium, Mc-115, with a 0.65 second half-life), much higher vibrations than the oscillations associated with traditional gravity interferometers are possible. Magnetic history, field intensity versus flux, will change with potential electro-gravity theory second of three step process to unify fields (electro-weak theory explained by Weinberg and Salem in 1980, verified with discovery of anti-boson in 1983).
The construction of a space elevator and an understanding of zero, not infinite, gravitational pull at the center of the Earth with algebra giving way to calculus and Maxwell-Boltzmann (M-B) histograms leads to hysteresis analysis and an understanding of hysteresis curves being inverted M-B curves with high general relativity space-time bends near center of mass at ends of two body system. For graphene, the strongest and longest lasting of any material, the turn at each end of hysteresis change in stress-strain with gravity versus centrifugal force tension is the highest rate of change of curvature of any natural function. Non-linear parametric equations like this are therefore extremely useful for efficiency experiments and a way to avoid compromise and sacrifice.
The Woodward-Mach capacitor. If Mc-115 were at ground level below and close to brass mass, higher linear oscillations should cause more of a bend in torsional pendulum beam and the deflection it creates on an oscilloscope graph. If the capacitor rotates instead of vibrating, with Mc-115 in the middle of a revolutionary orbit, negligible impact from Earth’s gravity below, and torque discounted when terminal angular momentum/spin rate is achieved, higher oscillatory speeds with consistent Mc-115 proximity means a presumed higher deflection rate, and possible “flux capacitor” effect with spinning anti-gravity causing liberation of baryonic particles and plasmatic condensation of sub-atomic particles for and even higher density, greater proximity, and higher deflection rate for possible stargate effect.
“Black egg” theory. Is the Big Bang from 13.8 billion years ago the result of a high-mass-super-high-energy worm-hole entry with some form of intelligent design, an we may live in a simulation? Is Friedrich Nietzsche right, where there is no origin, just everything going around in circles, Big Bang to Big Slurp, where you live the same life over-and-over again exactly the same way (“exactly” corrected by Werner Heisenberg later)? Is there another correction because of Titor-Hawking-Wood fifth-dimension thinking? Agnosticism is its own Gnosticism.