E4 Encryption

With hacking and identity theft out of control, the imprisonment of COVID-19, the wealthy and powerful fearing lower-income people “catching up” with knowledge of overseas electronic tax shelters, more unaccounted-for tax debt with anticipation of tax auditor lay-offs and fewer audits, and better technology making law enforcement and the abuse of the super wealthy more impossible each day, those in power have a “take the money and run” attitude with more polarization, more scams, and a worsening world economy. This means those who pay or work hard up front are not rendered services or compensated, many workers and homeless people get no court satisfaction, many have to live at the place of employment. Ebay located some of their employees to homeless shelters.

The need for more insurance, escrow, referrals, and multi-tier pay-per-sale affiliate programs is apparent to deal with the increasing disenfranchised. Many are sick with hospitals not taking people or shutting down. There is a desperate need to privatize and educate the need to engage in self-governance, be prepared, and promote an individual over the group mentality, as individuals control their own destiny better than with contemporary over-dependence on the community with no help from a general media that profits from bad, not good, news.