With a space elevator, you can capitalize on space tourism, a very profitable business for those who believe human space exploration is costly and dangerous. However, the Sun is producing enough neutrinos it should have exploded into a supernova already according to some, hence the need for a future Noah’s exodus. Most of the benefit of the elevator pertains to the need to launch tens of thousands of satellites, some GEO, most low orbit (90 miles high with a 90 minute period), with momentum tethers to prevent re-entry into the atmosphere, and eliminating the need for rocket fuel and 24/7 human and computer control. The cost of sending people and cargo into space with an elevator was originally estimated to be 1/100 of the cost compared to rockets, that ratio may get much smaller because The Big Slacker is so much cheaper and easy to deploy than a graphene elevator, with cheaper insurance and a longer term safer, low risk future. Six elevators means mass transportation and even lower costs.

With a momentum tether, gravitational gradients cause two satellites to revolve around one another and fight the elliptical nature of a two-body orbital system where the satellites are always above the ionosphere, and don’t collide with particles that would slow them down and then burn up in the atmosphere.

With a space elevator deploying a high volume of satellites, you can:

  1. Mapping of entire planet at high resolution, including elevation. Google maps neglects many roads, lanes, and cannot keep up with construction, changes, and the need to help vehicles plot courses and drive safely and efficiently
  2. Predict the weather months in advance, with high Doppler density and faster, and higher resolution computer simulations. This means air pressure, not just rain, and studying the El Nino La Nina effect for long term weather predictions. Guide starving, disadvantaged to higher water tables, sources of vegetation, and game
  3. Regulate environment with animal and tree count. Identify sources of fire and guide fire-fighters to trouble locations sooner
  4. Make all the vehicles remote control, for more safety, and faster transportation
  5. Find missing people, house arrest for parolees, and read vital signs of bio-transducers in RFID devices in people and animals for health and safety reasons, optical by day, infrared by night. Prepare for and assist in natural disasters
  6. Perfect the information super-highway with better digital Internet, TV, radio, and phones. Eliminate bottle-necks of routers placed every 1/4 miles, especially resourceful for rural areas
  7. Space tourism
  8. Deploy satellites deep into space to map distant planets, moons, asteroids, etc. Study the possible of life inside moon heated ice cores. Prepare for missions to colonize Earth’s Moon as necessary low gravity rocket station, and long term human occupation of Mars
  9. Study asteroids that are a threat to Earth and theoretic Sun binary star companion Nemesis, with the potential to bombard Earth with increase in meteorites and large asteroids
  10. Send satellites, possibly humans, to nearby solar systems once stargate effect and exotic matter “singularity-driven saucers” are perfected, with construction of large craft in space or on Moon