Founder and Sole Proprietor, James Dante Wood.

Space ElevatorX is a weighted-average industrial democracy and an insurance firm that will guarantee major drops in casualties and liabilities for all insurance needs. Everyone who joins is automatically on the board of directors of what will be a public firm with stock options and profit sharing, and the more one spends per month on a subscription, that number is multiplied by their vote. Acknowledging that as our profits and contributions go to a space elevator, projected to cost about 50 billion dollars for one of four units, we can predict life will be safer, more productive and pleasant for 7 billion Earthlings, with declining tax revenues dictating the need for more insurance and privatization. We can do risk assessment affordably with trends analysis, and prudent claim’s adjusting for what is anticipated to be fewer claims with competition and pro-safety technology, to guarantee the perseverance of the firm.

Space ElevatorX

C/O James Dante Wood

Sole Proprietor

7221 Ellington Circle

Austin, TX 78724 USA